Cabinet type

Safe and reliable

It is equipped with a three-level fire fighting system to realize all-round protection from the inside out. BMS, spanCS and EMS are designed in an integrated way, and 3S homologous system is safer.

Highly efficient operation

No isolation design, improve system efficiency, independent single cluster battery, no circulation, reduce power loss

Convenient application

Multi-scene application, 0.25C ~ 1C free combination, integrated design, highly integrated, more convenient installation and maintenance

Application scenarios

Application scenarios

Product parameters

Specifications PJDGC-EES-186KWh PJDGC-EES-279KWh PJDGC-EES-372KWh PJDGC-EES-745KWh
电芯 Battery Type LiFePO4
Rated capacity 280AH / 320AH
Cycle life 6000
Nominal voltage 3.2V

Standard charging current

系统 System battery configuration 1P208S 1P312S 1P416S 2P416S
Nominal energy 186KWH 279KWH 372KWH 745KWH
Nominal voltage DC666V DC998V DC1331V DC1331V
Degree of protection IP54
Cell equalization Active balancing
Charging/discharging rate 0.5C
Operating temperature range -20°~50°
Fire spray Perfluorohexanone
Main material Galvanized steel sheet
Surface coating Electrostatic spraying/fluorocarbon paint
Cooling concept of battery chamber
Air cooling/liquid cooling
fire detection Temperature/Smoke/Fire/Combustible Gas
Dimensions(W*H*D)(mm) 1300*1300*1500 1300*1300*1950 1300*1300*2430 2230*1300*2430


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