Large energy storage/containerized energy storage systems help to more effectively use and manage energy, reduce electricity bills, and can be applied in various scenarios, with fast response algorithm intelligence, efficient operation, extended lifespan, user-friendly access, and diverse and flexible methods.

Application scenarios

Application scenarios

Product parameters

System Model PJDCC-EES-2.23MWh PJDCC-EES-2.98MWh PJDCC-EES-3.72MWh PJDCC-EES-8.94MWh
Batteries Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Capacity 280AH / 320AH
Number of cycles 6000
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Voltage Range 140A
system Grouping method 6P416S 8P416S 10P416S 24P416S
Nominal energy 2.23MWH 2.98MWH 3.72MWH 8.94MWH
Nominal voltage DC1331.2V
Protection level IP54
Cell Balancing Active balancing
Charge and discharge rate 0.5C
Operating lemperature
Fire Spray Perfluorohexanone
main materials Galvanized steel
Surface coating Electrostatic spraying/Fluorocarbon paint
Temperature control method Air Cooling/Liquid Cooling
Fire Detection temperature/ smoke / Open flame / combustible gas
Dimensions(WxHxD) 5330*2776*2900 6260*2776*2900 7194*2776*2900 11784*2776*2900


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