Ingenuity Builds Dreams,Steady for Far-Reaching

To provide high-quality product and service for customer, To create sustainable wealth and value for the society.

      Mr. Tan Bingkun, founder of Haorun Group, was born in 1959 in Xiangyin County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province. He is a member of the Communist Party of China, a  senior engineer, and a graduate student of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Outstanding Executive Chairman of the Chinese Business Council, Core Partner of the Entrepreneur Club, and Chairman of Haorun Group.
      Since 1983, he has served as the Director of Academic Affairs and President of Changlian Sub School of Changling Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager of Yueyang Changlian Shifa Co., Ltd., General Manager of Yueyang Changlian Haorun Technology Co., Ltd., and President of Haorun Group.
      In 2003, he led Haorun to carry out restructuring and diversion in Changlian, and he was also the first leader of Sinopec's restructuring and diversion. Mr. Tan Bingkun has rich practical experience in enterprise management, scientific and technological innovation, etc. He has published many management and scientific research papers in recent years, won two invention patents, and has been rated as Sinopec's "model worker" and "Excellent Party Member" for three consecutive years. He regards "prosperity with the people, prosperity with the family, and strength with the country" as the purpose of running a business. For many years, he has been supporting impoverished students, doing public welfare for society and the construction of his hometown, and constantly pursuing higher levels of charity. Hunan TV, Yueyang TV, and others have reported on Mr. Tan Bingkun's entrepreneurial achievements of "bold restructuring and enterprising spirit". At the same time, Hunan Daily has also reported on Mr. Tan Bingkun's touching stories of charity and affection for his hometown.


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