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Strict Quality Control

        Quality inspection is an important means of quality management. In each process of the product, a strict quality control network is formed, which is strictly implemented in accordance with the ISO9001 standard and the requirements of the company's quality assurance system. At the same time, the quality control Department has the corresponding detection means, and the close cooperation with the national inorganic salt quality testing center, forming a strong quality supervision system.

Chemical Additives


Solar Module


In Haorun Group's Test Lab, we put our products through over 30 rigorous tests to ensure reliablity and performance. This allows us to confidently stand behind our 25 years and 30 years power output warranty.


Times Testing


years Linear Power Warranty

Haorun group’s products have obtained Europe IEC Standard certification, and the certifications from a variety of authoritative testing organizations, including TUV SUD, TUV Rheinland, UL, CAS, CEC, JET, MCS, KS, TIS, BIS, and CQC Certification of China. 


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